Friday, May 20, 2011


One thing that most of the people don't realize... Life is actually beautiful. It's hard though, but you never think the positive part. try to have a thought of it. I know you will answer "it's hard! there's too many obstacles, challenges, and you ask me to think about the positive part?? impossible." I know. most of you will answer that sort of things. Just to be honest. I have haters. everyone deserves to hate and love, don't they? yes.... i never take that as such a big deal though, but I just try to do what I love and love what I do. I love people who love me and Haters are gonna hate.

for me, life is such a huge thing, it's terrific, and beautiful. people are not gonna have a 'perfect' life which is with all the happiness and grin smiles. a beautiful life is the one with an experience, challenge and obstacles. because you can meet somebody you love, somebody who concerns and cares, and somebody who hates you. this is LIFE. And this is true. with all these things, you have many feelings that you can't predict to feel anytime. You must enjoy it.... life is about living our dreams and enjoying what you're doing right now....

Whoever has this day, get out your rainbow, your grin smile and show to the world how beautiful life is and how strong you are struggling for yours ;)

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