Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dying waiting.

Begitu banyak hal yang dinanti.
Anticipation... hope... Ambition....
Right now, at this time I can only pray to God, and never did I feel so nervous until I decided to write on my blog. May be today is the most nervous moment of my life. Yet, I still have to manage my thoughts, more exciting things are awaiting...

God, I surrender...
whatever that is, I know it will be the best.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Hey Beautiful World

My Goodness I can't believe what I've just seen and felt... I thought I would be overly embarrassed to read through my stories again, and voila! I like it. I still like it. Coming back to this site with a, you can say, a completely different mind, brain and character, I still came to like my juvenile fairy tale.
Nice words.
I hope to continue with it. Especially "The First and Last Letter"....
Only one more part until it ends. still kinda remember how it goes, the twist.
Since it's still holiday... by the way, I'm no more a high school kid, teenybopper. Officially a medical student now, college girl, charming huh?

but my passion not changing much, I still am in love with you, keyboards.

Much love,