Friday, August 26, 2011

I Thought You Said Forever and Always

Once upon a time, I'm definitely sure it was you trying to talk to me, you were pacing back and forth, trying to get my attention. I did my stuff, couldn't even get my eyes an inch away. You almost faced an epic fail.
Then you took my things away, made me feel so distracted, my face showed annoyance, but quickly you said 'I love you, listen to me'.
Your words enchanted me. I felt so overwhelmed. A little smile came out, but you made me grin by handing up your right palm that said 'I love you forever and always'.
I could feel my face was completely blushing, then you pinched my nose, the part that you like the most.
That moment was perfect, I felt so content.

Were you just joking and playing around?
I feel so low. You don't prove what you said ages ago.

I always stare at the phone, twenty four per hours I tell you, you have yet called me or texted me.
Once again, I'm trying to remember everything you always said to me on every Saturday…
'I love you forever and always'
Yes, you didn't mean it. You were just kidding, weren't you?
It rains every time you are beside me, it rains every time you stand by me.
I feel so low… again and can't feel the way I was used to.
I guess the enchanted feeling has vanished nowhere. I don't know and trying not to know.

Did you forget anything? Where is your right hand that was used to pinch my nose, where is your warm hug and your soft kiss on my forehead… did I say something too honestly until you run, disappear and hide from me. What is going on?

You hurt me. You are hurting me. You are not you. I thought you said Forever and Always… or probably, it was just me banging my head on the wall and actually forgetting the reality. The real things between us. You are probably not mine. And I'm certainly not yours.

Wait a minute… I will go away. Go all the way out while you're still going half way out the door.

Last words…. I hate memorising the flashback between US.

based on Taylor Swift's song 'Forever and Always' with some elaborations.