Saturday, October 27, 2012


The day I met you I always knew
It would be another beginning of an end
Your gaze paralysed me
Just one touch you could make me shiver
Still the same, you are no different
No matter how many times I have found you
That peculiar sensation always overcomes me
Just when my eyes catch your hazel eyes
Just as you play with your curls
This feeling has never changed always as strong

I have been waiting for millennia
No matter how long, I’m destined to be with you
And so are you
They tell me it’s all up to me
But to me it’s all up to you
‘Cause my existence depends on you
Watching you come again is as well a torture
‘Cause it’ll end catastrophically all over again
And I won’t be able to stay away
Never had the power to look away
To let you go

But when I see your face that radiates purity
How you smile when I cup my hands around your face
And the warmth you send through my bodies just as you touch my wings
Or how soft your lips are on my lips
I know what I’ve been living for
I’ll surrender everything and who I’ve been
To have you in my arms

I don’t choose any of them but you
To be with you is all that I want
For Heaven’s sake, my love for you is boundless
If eternity is what it takes to have you again
I’m always ready

You don’t know how beautiful you are
That’s what makes you radiant
Your radiance is my lead
My lead to always find you

By: Lady Adelaida, based on the Fallen Series

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