Saturday, April 28, 2012

Part 2- A day of happiness

Did i say i would post my activities constantly? I hope not. because this post is probably 3 or 4 months away from the part 1 xD
OMG, i even forgot I've written that part 1. Well, first of all, I'm pretty sure you would think of this post as a cheerful and jolly one as you read the title. but like the saying says "don't judge a book by its cover". And by referring to that idea, "don't judge an article's tone by its heading". -L.A
Before I remembered and got to write this post, there were lots and lots I have been through. and i can say, I'm still going through some of them.
I always get this particular question in my head:
"why is it so hard just to live a day with happiness throughout?"
it just pops out every time i wake up in the morning. and before every morning, i keep saying to myself right before bed time, "tomorrow, just smile. no matter what, just smile. it's never hard to do so."

but when i wake up, i realise, how damn hard it is just to smile. not only to smile, i cant even sleep properly. if i could change the question, it would probably sound better this way:
"why is it so hard to live as a teenage?"

yeah. that sounds right to me now. I am now aware of the reason why i can't smile just for a day. People might be right about life, especially the transition of life. I'm still not sure if it's only me having such an over thinking personality or other young folks also go through the same thing.

High expectation, not being able to follow what your heart says, part of the pride and one of the hopes... I'm entirely sure, not all teens would experience this.

But freedom to go out there just to do what you think is right, to be with who you want, to be free from any expectations, to stop relying on people's opinion and being insecure... are all that we want.

That's all I could say. I might just start thinking about a way that can encourage my face muscle to stretch into a smile on the next day.

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