Sunday, November 20, 2011

PART 1- Study, family, friends, passions, undesirable love... my life.

All right, finally this is the time. Finally this time came to me. Finally I got a chance to write what I’m keen to write about. First, I don’t know why this idea popped out in my head. I just wanted to write, that’s all I could say. Actually, these things have been staying in my mind way before I wrote this first post. I’m not sure enough if I still remember what I’m going to write. well, let just see what you will read in the next few paragraphs.
What I called as ‘these things’ are actually things that happen in my life, they are real. I can say this post is gonna be confessional-ish (this word is not in dictionary)
Because right at the moment something happened in front of me, words and a sentence just came through my mind without me willing to think of them. and right at the same time, I just said “so true!” in my mind. after that feeling, i felt like i really wanted to write it down, so that i could remember what I just thought about. that is cool, really. Unfortunately, I had no pencil or pen, or even paper or laptop in front of me, so i decided to keep it in my mind as long as i could. Until this time is coming.... I’m pretty excited.

Okay, lets get started....

If I could be honest, I have no idea where I need to start it from. it’s too much in my mind right now, racing, they are not in order.. uggh, all right, it seems like I need to arrange them first. well, lets just start from the plain one.
It happened few days or i could say few weeks ago, people at school were so busy about River Cruise thingy. to some of you who dont know what river cruise is, dont worry. I didnt know about it at the first time though, I’m Indonesian, that stuff is unfamiliar to me, never got to join that such thing before. River Cruise is actually a really simple concept, you stay on the big beautiful boat and cruise over the lake for about 3 hours. during the cruise, you are tempered by music, food, scenery and stuffs. it’s just nothing special.. well, according to me. Friends, teachers at school, they all seemed to be so excited about it. hmm, especially my friends. I was like ‘Okay... that is just river cruise, dude. what is so special about it? i mean... come on! if you want, you can do it more than once in your life.’ and my friends were like, ‘but it’s different, lady. thats the case when you’re going by yourself. but this one, with all friends! it rarely happens, its just gonna be so fun!’
okay, makes sense now. That is reasonable. but... though they just said that, still, I dont feel so special about it.

To be honest, i actually didnt want to go on that cruise, by my friends, even teachers, they pushed me to go. well, in a more proper word, they suggested me to go. They were like begging or something. Teachers said I’ve been working so hard and excellent this year, I need to be rewarded. and that is the price. well, i was thinking like ‘but sir, that really isn’t my thing.’
I had no choice. then, I finally decided to go. When my friends heard my final decision, they were like jumping up as they were crazy or hyper folks. they acted like they just graduated from school. well... it was just a river cruise, all right?

until now, I’m still thinking about my self. Am I weird? personally, i dont even think about my self as a weird person at all, just because I’m not such an excited person for river cruise and stuffs. What I noticed about my self is I like peace. I like quite place, where I’m so far away from noise, crowded and crazy people who are insane about party. I’d rather choose to be alone at home or a kind of beautiful park somewhere in the world, wearing my favorite beautiful dress, dancing and singing to my self, doing beautiful things like what they usually do in fairy land. hahha, imaginable, I know.
but that is just what I found about my self. and i found it unique. I love it.

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