Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New hobby: drawing manga characters!

I know it's not weekend, but I'm posting anyway since I'm still on holiday.

Last week, I just found a new hobby which I find really enjoyable and energising. This hobby didn't appear on the first place though, it's all because I've been watching anime a lot since I came back to Indonesia (this is my other hobby). And yeah, I absolutely love it and I discovered a whole new world that is so interesting and fun!
So, after having started watching anime since not so long ago, I've already found an anime that I'm nuts about! It's called "My Little Monster" or in Japanese, "Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun"

Yeah! I'm pretty sure quite a lot of people have watched this anime, and just to say that this anime is awesome! Not only does the plot line offer a fresh new perspective of a romance between a cold-hearted girl and a super-troublesome boy, the anime's soundtrack album is so nice that I couldn't believe there is such a nice album for a 13 episodes anime!
For more information on this anime, I'll tell you later on :)

Anyway, I love all the characters in this anime, each has their own typical side and I love how the writer represents his story in an unprecedented way despite the predictable genre of the story itself.
I love Haru Yoshida and I've tried to draw him.

Here is my first drawing of all time. It's not that great since I'm still a beginner

On the same day I tried to draw another one (I was so excited after the first drawing and didn't want to stop). This time I drew both protagonists, Shizuku Mizutani and Haru Yoshida.

I luv the pose xD

And the next day, I tried to draw Shizuku and Haru in their candid pose. It's finished, but I'm planning on colouring them... I hope I don't ruin everything by adding some colours on them. I'll surely take a photo of it and show it to you all x)

Yeah, I guess that's all I could tell you about my new hobby. I'm so loving it and because of this, I have so many plans and tools I want to have! Haha
I hope you guys like my clumsy-and-not-so-good-looking drawings, and I thank you in advance for appreciating them.

I hope you enjoy your holiday too and discovered new things. Have fun with your friends and do whatever you are passionate about while it's not too late :)

See you!


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